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Marc Worthy


 Marc was born and raised in Winston Salem North Carolina and started writing poetry while he was in high school.  In the 11th grade, like many of his peers at that time, he was going through a phase of life when he didn’t fully understand how everything fits or was supposed to fix in his life.  So he wrote a poem titled “When I Consider How my Life has been Spent”; he’d hoped to gain greater insight about himself.  After his English teacher had a chance to read it she was very impressed and said, “Marc, this is your calling; this is your vision from God.”


 Following his high school graduation, he joined the U.S. Army and stayed in the military completing a four year tour.  After being honorably discharged from the Army, he was fortunate to get a job at a company called GMAC Insurance.  And not long after he started there he learned that one of the benefits that he had as an employee was access to a ‘payroll deduction’ program for employees who wanted to own a personal computer.  An employee could choose to purchase a laptop or a desktop computer through the company’s technology supplier and the company would, through ‘payroll deduction’, make the payment on the computer for employees; plus the purchase and payment were interest free.  Marc thought that was a fantastic opportunity so he took het and purchased a desktop computer.


 Once he had his new computer, he started using it right away to compose poems.  However, just prior to buying the desktop he had re-dedicated his life to Christ and started getting closer spiritually to God.  He started attending a local church again and as a result the Lord began molding and shaping him and the gift that he had giving Marc – which was poetry (Spoken Word).  Then he sat at his new computer and started writing the thoughts and ideas for each poem as they came flowing out him.  When he finished this initial writing phase he had written about fifteen poems.   . . . Read More

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